A must-see at 2011 Milan week of design ,TRON designs Corian®


January 2011 – Creativity and innovation meet design, Disney meets DuPont™ Corian® at the 2011 Milan week of design (11-18 April 2011), the most important venue for interior design professionals around the world. DuPont and Disney will showcase “TRON designs Corian®”, an exhibition inspired by the film “TRON: Legacy” from Walt Disney Studios, which has been released in Hong Kong as of December 23, 2010.


Corian® Bench at Symbol Promenade Park, Odaiba, Tokyo

symbol promenade park 1

Odaiba (台場) crowded with a lot of people all the year represents Tokyo waterfront. “Symbol promenade park” is one of the huge park in that area. In the redevelopment started from 2009, the bench made of CORIAN® was set up in the park. The designer, Tomoki Kinokuni from Mori Landscape Architects Inc., said “Symbol Promenade [...]


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