Qbist Bar by Opinion Ciatti


Mathematically elegant, the Qbist Bar, an homage to English mathematician and renowned puzzle creator Henry Dudeney by Italy’s Opinion Ciatti, is a parallelepiped, a three-dimensional figure formed by six parallelograms  (sometimes aka a rhomboid, in the 3D sense). What this means in practical furnishing terms is a four-section unit that can be arranged into all [...]


Luca Nichetto’s Neverending


Inspiration for this product was born by the idea to realize a product which just like a stripe develop itself and random draws a neverending element, without limits. Elements, not presenting a precise direction for disposition, put side by side creates a sort of wall where the play between full and empty melts with its [...]


The Evolution of the Bath: Gaia Corian ®Bathroom Vanity by Bazzeo


  In mythology, Gaia refers to the Goddess of the Earth. Philosophically, the word refers to a complex idea about how the living and nonliving components of the Earth function as a single harmonious system. Both of these meanings apply to the Gaia bathroom vanity by eco-friendly kitchen and bath company Bazzeo.   The Gaia [...]


Cube in Trap by Jamy Yang


This collection by Jamy Yang is a form evolvement from simplicity to complexity. The starting point is a sheet of white square, which is then combined and compressed into curves, and evolves as a set of sofa and a tea table. In the end, the curves return to the square again. The curves are grown [...]


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