“Leftover” Corian Recast as Collection of Modern Furniture


Corian launched its new Dupont Corian color line at the Milan Design Week 2012 with a themed exhibition that celebrated the “Corian Colour Evolution. Participating in the show were four creative design firms from around Europe, each of which worked with a different color palette to develop new, unique conceptual creations. For his part, UK-based [...]


Corian® Table with a Multitouch Screen Surface


Check out the custom Corian® table with a multitouch screen surface from Supreme Touch!  It’s a perfect combination of  high-tech material and multi-media technology. How would you utilize this table? Can you image what is the next surprise? View and share this image from @SupremeTouch and hosted by Ow.ly.


Vintry Fine Wines, New York City


New York based architecture firm Rogers Marvel Architects says that their latest retail project in the Battery Park neighborhood of New York City is inspired by “the parallel rows and rolling contours of a hilly vineyard.” The concept has been brought to life in the Vintry Fine Wine shop with its refined and elegant approach [...]


The “Squeeze” Lamp – Claudio Colucci

杜邦可丽耐Corian_The “Squeeze” Lamp

“I wanted this mutable translucent object to be organic, thinking that the human body, similarly, once put under an intense light reveals its secrecy through the skin.”said  Colucci . Squeeze Lamp is like a living element revealing gradually parts of its corporeality. The Lamp is made out of CORIAN® (DUPONT); while turned off, it is a [...]


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