Unique development project for deprived areas of the Third World: floating or mobile “CityApps” fitted out in DuPont™ Corian®


July 2014 – In the deprived areas of the Third World, there is a great need for providing education. The Floating City Apps foundation has developed a revolutionary concept for this: ‘Floating’ or mobile units which can be placed at a chosen location, but that can also be easily moved about as desired. The interiors [...]


Spain, Vital Álvarez-Buylla Hospital


Recently opened, the public Vital Álvarez-Buylla Hospital in Mieres (Asturias)  features an innovative, functional design that offers significant technical and health benefits. The design includes over 500 items of furniture made from the techno-surface DuPont™ Corian, located in areas of the new hospital where they bring most benefit. The Verónica Durán Sela Architecture Studio has designed [...]


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