Wayfinding Solution


At Medibank’s Melbourne headquarters, 720 Bourke St Docklands, Adherettes produced a digital wayfinding solution that reflects & integrates with the building fabric, and compliments existing signage. Contours, curves and layered organic geometric forms were used as inspiration for the project. The design concept called for a high end product that is seamless in appearance, able [...]


Luxe Lodge


  This project has the presence of a 7 star luxury hotel while at the same time mixes the warmth and organic feel of nature. To achieve this, I mixed many natural look finishes like honed slab marble, rock cladding, Hosowari cladding, dull brass and aged bronze with glamorous finishes like antiqued Tuscan amber mirror. [...]


Ice Bed


The ICE BED, never ending heights, a bed completely made of DuPont™ Corian®.This versatile design material of the future has enabled a completed installation uniting mat surfaces and sharp edge capabilities all with a uniform seamless appearance. The bed is located in the centre of the room, providing an enhanced sense of secureness. An LED- [...]


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