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(中文) 可丽耐®携手嘉会国际医院演绎高端医疗典范


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A Mobile Dental Office For San Fran’s Tech Crowd


Studio Dental, designed by Santa Monica firm Montalba Architects, overcomes considerable spatial limitations to create a mobile, convenient solution to dental care. A vehicle with a compact, 230-square-foot interior, Studio Dental uses space as efficiently as possible, creating enough space for two patients, two doctors, dental equipment, a sterilization room, amd a waiting area, as well as two [...]


New Corian® Healthcare Solutions


Healthcare facilities, especially hospital operating rooms, go to great measures to make sure that every item used around their patients are germ-free. Even the furniture that the doctors and nurses will use must be well chosen. These new products from REOS Medical are manufactured with support from Sterling Surfaces using nonporous DuPont™ Corian®. This line [...]


Krembil Discovery Tower


Toronto Western Hospital is home to the recently completed Krembil Discovery Tower (KDT). The final component of the Tower is the BMO Education Centre completed with architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson, 5,000 square feet of formal conference, education and fundraising spaces as well as the in between informal gathering places that are an essential part of [...]


Patient Room 2020

2020 1_1

On July 15, a prototype of NXT Health Patient Room 2020 opened to the public at the DuPont™ Corian® Design Studio in New York City. Patient Room 2020 is an innovative living laboratory that responds to needs of doctors, nurses, patients and their families by creating safer, more streamlined, integrated and restorative environment. DuPont™ Corian® [...]


Spain, Vital Álvarez-Buylla Hospital

Recently opened, the public Vital Álvarez-Buylla Hospital in Mieres (Asturias)  features an innovative, functional design that offers significant technical and health benefits. The design includes over 500 items of furniture made from the techno-surface DuPont™ Corian, located in areas of the new hospital where they bring most benefit. The Verónica Durán Sela Architecture Studio has designed [...]


Italy, Pisa University Hospital New Hemodynamic Department

The Hemodynamic Department at the Pisa University Hospital (Pisa, Italy) has chosen innovation in design for its new operating theaters, taking full advantage of the techno-surface DuPont™ Corian® and its continued evolution for the furnishings. The Praxis series, featuring DuPont™ Corian® for the first time in their hospital furnishings handles and doors, was conceived to complete the Favero [...]


Corian® assists Sanfine in building exclusive VIP star ward of delicacy

In autumn of 2015, Sanfine International Hospital officially opened in the center of Beijing’s most influential district – Sanlitun, where cutting-edge medical technologies merge with compassionate services to deliver quality medical care in one integrated hospital. Through extensive cooperation with international leading medical equipment manufacturers, Sanfine introduces their latest advanced healthcare products and leading-edge medical [...]


An Unconventional Reception Area at Westend Medical Centre, Frankfurt

When visitors and patients enter the Westend Medical Centre Reception Area they are met immediately by a light, open and clean ambiance. The Centre which is a privately owned surgical clinic located in the western part of the city of Frankfurt, has 25 different areas of expertise that deal with both outpatients and inpatients. Dr. [...]


Corian® artwork enables local story telling at the NHS hospital in Glasgow

July 2015 – The new South Glasgow University Hospital and Royal Hospital for Sick Children is the largest capital healthcare project in the UK with an investment of £840 million. Over 14 floors and 160,000sqm, it houses 1109 adult and 256 children’s beds. As part of the NHS GGC Employers Requirements, six art projects were [...]


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