Corian® for Transportation (4)

Christopher Jenner brings “craft” to Eurostar with London Ticket Hall redesign


Business Class Ticket Office Eurostar’s new creative director Christopher Jenner has ditched the contemporary styling of predecessor Philippe Starck for a retro look, with the new London Ticket Hall combining Art Nouveau and Victorian Gothic to evoke the “golden age of travel”. London-based interior designer Christopher Jenner unveiled designs for the standard and business class ticket offices [...]


The University of Naples Subway Station Avant-garde Design


Subway station interiors, Naples, Italy, project by Karim Rashid; photo Peppe Avallone for MN Metropolitana di Napoli   The University of Naples (Italy) inaugurates a super-colourful and dynamic subway station designed by Karim Rashid Naples, a Southern Italian city that dates back to the times of the earliest Romans, has inaugurated the new “Università” subway [...]


Corian® Bench and Bicycle Rack by Matt Gray of SCAD Furniture Design Department and C.H. Briggs


The Savannah College of Art and Design’s ( furniture design department has teamed up with C.H. Briggs (, a distributor of specialty building material, to create product designs that explore the unique material qualities of Corian®. SCAD M.F.A. furniture design student Matt Gray of Dallas, Texas, created the Bench Rack, a bench and bicycle rack [...]


Luxurious Mobile Home for an Incredible Travel Experience with Corian®


A-cero architecture goes beyond the concept of home – they put wheels on comfortable and contemporary designs with this Mobile Home. All the furniture inside is built from Corian®


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