Corian for sound design (4)

Designers Erik Tietz and Andrew Baccon bring the DuPont Corian® NEXT collection to life


  The NEXT Collection looks to the future of design to find the trends that will define tomorrow. It combines the forward thinking colors and patterns that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Each of the NEXT collections is represented in the exhibit. In 2014, DuPont™ Corian® launched the Next Collection. As a place [...]


FLOW Architech – Designing with Corian®

FLOW ArchiTEC-01

FLOW Architech™ is a lifestyle company that adapts technology and design to meet our lifestyles. Technology is no longer something that we add and apply to architecture as an after-thought.  Similar to how the nervous system in the body is not inserted by a surgeon after a person is born.  Part designer and part technologist, [...]


V Speaker by Oliver Staiano


V Speaker is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Oliver Staiano. V speaker, the free-standing wireless unit delivers impeccable audio to your living room.   The speaker offers itself in a multiple of functions featuring wireless device connectivity, high end audio and a wireless charge bay. Presenting Envelope Sound, the V Speaker has been specifically designed to [...]


Corian guitar


Corian isn’t limited to the home – it can be used for “”sound”” design too. Eduard Juanola’s Corian guitar is music to our ears. Eduard Juanola / Electric guitar made out of Corian. It takes advantage of Corian’s vibrating and manufacturing properties. Corian’s high density and stiffness gives a clean sound and a long sustain [...]


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