Corian® Building an ecological space for WPG

WPG is China’s leading smart water solution provider. The company’s mission is to build a green sustainable future with water.  As a pioneer in water solution industry, WPG aims to bring internet+ industrial concept to modern water treatment (from smart water supply system to secondary water management platform) providing last mile solution for urban city.

Column wrapping, reception desk and main lobby impact space with Corian® Glacier White

WPG’s latest office building is designed with “water” as the key element. The theme focuses in creating a water current impression within impact space using curves and lighting.  The spirit of water is translated into modern interior design through the flexibility of Corian®.

Lobby column using Corian® Glacier White

Lobby columns are warped in Corian® Glacier White; seamless join from floor to ceiling creating a visual impact similar to water fountain spraying to sky.  To form a unified lobby space, Corian® is also used in reception table and interior cladding; different areas are integrated together using lighting and seamless join – creating a space with emphasis on the “flow” of water current.

Public space and office area make uses of Corian® solid surface

Reception desk using Corian®

The interior of public space and office area make uses of massive amount of Corian® to create a flowing current impression. Reception desk, office furniture, interior cladding and washroom are all made with Corian® to provide consistent design and emphasize on “water” culture of the company, creating an energetic environment for work.

Seamless joint interior cladding and washroom countertop with Corian®

WPG as the industry leader in water solution provides quality, green and economical product and services to the public. The company also promote green building and make themselves a role model by using green material in their new office building.  Corian® enabled designers to translate the corporate culture and theme of “water” into contemporary design making a natural sustainable office space.

Fabricator: Shanghai Zhizijia Trade Development Co., Ltd





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