Ford’s Corian® Snare Drum

Corian®, an acryllic-based solid surface used in kitchen counter tops, has acoustic properties that make it ideal for an incredibly loud and ultra-responsive snare drum. Named after Ford craftsman Elliot Koenig, these solid-shell drums feature horizontal-stave construction for a more uniform sonic distribution within the shell’s interior.

Ford is not alone in building drums from Corian®, though the construction method of these two snares is different from other examples we’ve encountered. Rather than taking sheets of Corian® and bending it into cylinders, the shells are instead built from a series of staves.

Usually a shell created in this manner consists of vertical staves (not unlike a barrel). Here the Ford drums differ again as the staves run horizontally. Most of them are actually full circles cut from sheets of Corian®, with the occasional layer being made of two joined semi-circles. Each stave/layer is 9mm thick and 12mm deep.

The finished drums – which are bonded without any heating or manipulating of the Corian® – feel solid and weighty. Bearing edges are cut to 45° with a gentle rounding-over. Outside, the shells are sealed and then polished while the interiors are smoothed off but otherwise left untreated. All of this is accomplished by hand and can take up to two weeks per drum.

There are no fixed colour schemes for Ford’s Corian® drums. Instead they are built from whichever sheets of Corian® are obtainable at any one time, thereby guaranteeing uniqueness.

Of the two review models, the 14×6-inch Seafoam Green and White drum is the more understated; its delicate bands of colour give it an unusually attractive appearance. In contrast, the 14×6½-inch Earthtones drum, which sports 24-carat gold-plated hardware over layers of textured brown Corian®, resembles a footballer’s bathroom.

Available in 13” and 14” diameters, anywhere from a 4.5” to 7” deep. List price starts at $1,895.


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