Private Residence, Victoria


Leading Australian designer Daniel Seyd from In Site has finished the interior renovation of a Victorian terrace house, consolidating two narrow rooms in one larger space whilst maintaining the external fabric of the building. The design features a 6 metre long Corian® clad island, acting as a dining table and kitchen bench. The island bench [...]


Corian®in Aristocrat


The Geyer design team worked on Aristocrat’s new head office in Sydney. The new office has two very distinct areas, the typical working floors and the client areas on the ground floor. The single most important space in the entire building for Aristocrat is the showroom – where the products are displayed for customer to [...]


Private Residence, New South Wales


The CplusC Design were commissioned to design and construct an alteration and addition to a Queens Park residence. CplusC responded with a unique design in which the kitchen forms the social heart of the home. The importance of the space called for unique modelling of the kitchen with Corian® used to form the pantry bench [...]


Corian® Coastal Home


Mal Corboy wanted a design to complement the breathtaking coastal views, so he chose to design with strong horizontal lines. A mixture of glass for the cupboard door fronts, Hettich aluminium doors and custom-made handles formed the base of the kitchen design. A quality benchtop solution was required for the kitchen and require scullery area [...]


mPort Corian Pod


Our 3D-scanning pod, called mPods, is a world-first, patent-pending innovation whereby body measurements are mapped in 3D for mobile fashion and health applications.mPods are located within major shopping centres across Australia where consumers can have access anytime. The concept is to create an approachable, comfortable, secure and user-friendly environment that speaks first-class quality through design [...]


One One One Eagle Street

One One One Eagle Street

The choice to use Corian® for a number of key elements in the public areas of One One One Eagle Street was an essential part of the carefully crafted internal and external palettes of the building. A variety of differing structural and aesthetic requirements are presented at the ground level in a number of locations [...]


Wayfinding Solution


At Medibank’s Melbourne headquarters, 720 Bourke St Docklands, Adherettes produced a digital wayfinding solution that reflects & integrates with the building fabric, and compliments existing signage. Contours, curves and layered organic geometric forms were used as inspiration for the project. The design concept called for a high end product that is seamless in appearance, able [...]


Luxe Lodge


  This project has the presence of a 7 star luxury hotel while at the same time mixes the warmth and organic feel of nature. To achieve this, I mixed many natural look finishes like honed slab marble, rock cladding, Hosowari cladding, dull brass and aged bronze with glamorous finishes like antiqued Tuscan amber mirror. [...]


Ice Bed


The ICE BED, never ending heights, a bed completely made of DuPont™ Corian®.This versatile design material of the future has enabled a completed installation uniting mat surfaces and sharp edge capabilities all with a uniform seamless appearance. The bed is located in the centre of the room, providing an enhanced sense of secureness. An LED- [...]


Unique development project for deprived areas of the Third World: floating or mobile “CityApps” fitted out in DuPont™ Corian®


July 2014 – In the deprived areas of the Third World, there is a great need for providing education. The Floating City Apps foundation has developed a revolutionary concept for this: ‘Floating’ or mobile units which can be placed at a chosen location, but that can also be easily moved about as desired. The interiors [...]


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