Peacock Chair by UUfie & Dupont Corian

Jordana sitting on the Peacock chair, at the Interior Design Show, Toronto

The Peacock chair is the result of a collaboration between UUfie  architectural firm and DuPont Corian (yes, as in the countertop material) which was completed for IDS 2012. If you can believe it, the Peacock is made from a single sheet of DuPont Corian which has been cut, bent and folded through a process of thermoforming [...]


Corian® light ball by soliDline

light ball of Corian01

Corian® light ball designed by soliDline  is  a perfect new design and solution for connection between light and material. They’ve recently posted a video showing how the project came together.


Qbist Bar by Opinion Ciatti


Mathematically elegant, the Qbist Bar, an homage to English mathematician and renowned puzzle creator Henry Dudeney by Italy’s Opinion Ciatti, is a parallelepiped, a three-dimensional figure formed by six parallelograms  (sometimes aka a rhomboid, in the 3D sense). What this means in practical furnishing terms is a four-section unit that can be arranged into all [...]


Luca Nichetto’s Neverending


Inspiration for this product was born by the idea to realize a product which just like a stripe develop itself and random draws a neverending element, without limits. Elements, not presenting a precise direction for disposition, put side by side creates a sort of wall where the play between full and empty melts with its [...]


The Evolution of the Bath: Gaia Corian ®Bathroom Vanity by Bazzeo


  In mythology, Gaia refers to the Goddess of the Earth. Philosophically, the word refers to a complex idea about how the living and nonliving components of the Earth function as a single harmonious system. Both of these meanings apply to the Gaia bathroom vanity by eco-friendly kitchen and bath company Bazzeo.   The Gaia [...]


Cube in Trap by Jamy Yang


This collection by Jamy Yang is a form evolvement from simplicity to complexity. The starting point is a sheet of white square, which is then combined and compressed into curves, and evolves as a set of sofa and a tea table. In the end, the curves return to the square again. The curves are grown [...]


More Information about DesignLove Exhibition in Miami


Enthusiasts of great design have had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an original piece of art created by one of the world’s top designers. Ninety-six distinct works made from DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces are the focus of DesignLove, an exhibition and auction presented by progressive design company Luminaire and French design magazine Intramuros. The exhibition is [...]


Bubble Gum Chair


Take a look at this bubble gum inspired seating from Stuart Melrose in the UK. It uses almost all of the bright Corian® colors available. This furniture features thermoforming, inlaying and seamless bonding. More information:


jewellery by Sophie Thomas


These stunning jewellery pieces were designed by Sophie Thomas. She is a recent graduate in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martins. High contrast jpeg images of moon-like textures were used to raster engrave into Corian® discs at a high power to create three-dimensional textures. Photo and content courtesy


Corian seating by Acconci at Bronx Museum

Corian seating by Acconci at Bronx Museum03

New York City Diary shares a Corian® exhibition made from seats at the Bronx Museum in New York. What a amazing design! Designer: Acconci Read more:


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