The “Squeeze” Lamp – Claudio Colucci

杜邦可丽耐Corian_The “Squeeze” Lamp

“I wanted this mutable translucent object to be organic, thinking that the human body, similarly, once put under an intense light reveals its secrecy through the skin.”said  Colucci . Squeeze Lamp is like a living element revealing gradually parts of its corporeality. The Lamp is made out of CORIAN® (DUPONT); while turned off, it is a [...]


Yuka Togo’s Jewelry Design made by Corian®

little horn

Yuka Togo, a young jewelry designer from Japan, creatively employed Corian® in her design of rings and other accessories. Subsequently, Togo-san has been awarded for her Corian® accessary designs at “Japan Crafts Exhibition” and “Japan Jewelry Art Competition” in 2011. Togo-san first encountered Corian® during her study in jewelry school.  She loves the aesthetics, flexibility [...]


London 2012 Olympic Headquarters Furniture Design


DuPont™ Corian® solid surface is chosen by Powerdesk UK to create a winning first impression at London 2012 Olympics headquarters Knowing that first impressions count, the London 2012 headquarters were designed by Huw Owen of Owen+Kimble Architects to both inspire and reassure that the city aimed to be the very best. So when it came [...]


Travelex Corian® Foreign Exchange Kiosks


Transform Retail Projects, a leading commercial fitout company, has delivered an outstanding design and construct of the Travelex foreign exchange kiosks. According to the design team at Transform Retail Projects, “Corian® was chosen for this project as it was the most ideal material to achieve a free form/organic counter. Our favourite part about the design was that we [...]


Corian® Translucent Walls at the Elie Tahari Boutique

Eli Tahari Beverly Hills

An inviting, dramatic environment at the Elie Tahari Boutique features DuPont™ Corian® solid surface translucent walls for a dynamic design focal point. When Lissoni Associati was tasked with designing a new brand experience for Elie Tahari boutique customers, they choose Corian® to create a traslucent wall with larger-than-life floral vine design. Corian® has many benefits to [...]


‘A beautiful day’ corian®commode —— Design by Alessio Bassan


Did you see the “A Beautiful Day” commode at Milan Design Week by Alessio Bassan for Capo D’Opera。 This structure is composed of 798 lines of Corian®! ‘A beautiful day’ reveals a neat graphic work, organised around 8 chromatic ranges for each creation, which takes full advantage of inviting colours of Corian®. What are your [...]


Corian® Architectural Lighting Design at American Standard


Posen, Rubin & Rotman Architects were tasked with designing a unique floor-to-ceiling lighting system for an elevator lobby at American Standard International Headquarters. They chose to thermo-form Corian® into beautiful, curved, three-dimensional panels, as the translucency of the solid surface was ideal for backlighting. Photo and contents courtesy:


Corian® Silk table designed by Italian-based designer Alessandro Di Prisco


When a fluid imagination meets the malleability of Corian® extraordinary results can materialize. Moco Loco recently shared this Corian® Silk table by The Silk Table is a Corian® coffee table designed by Italian-based designer Alessandro Di Prisco. The table is built from a one meter square of high quality thermoformed Corian®. This is a [...]


Corian® embroidered table


Looking at this Corian® table by Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant, you would think that the design is printed on the surface, but it’s actually embroidered! This table was part of the “Corian® springs Russian design” exhibition at Milan Design Week. What do you think of this technique? In the top photo you might be forgiven [...]


Dawnvale’s Corian® bar at The Midland Hotel


Dawnvale’s Corian® bar at The Midland Hotel in Morecambe is one of their proudest accomplishments. The seamlessness of Corian® provides a dignified experience to the restaurant. The sculptural circular bar installation made with Corian® in Glacier White and Beach Glass colourways. The elegance of the design evokes the sophistication and glamour of the 1930’s while [...]


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