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Corian® Ping-Pong Kitchen Dining Table by Hunn Wai, China


PING-PONG Dining Table harks back to the origins of table-tennis with its duality of both being a table fit for dining and playing on. What started off as impromptu after-dinner amusement mimicking tennis in an indoor environment for upper-class Victorians became an international phenomenon with rules and standards. This is an official-sized game table with a DuPont™ Corian® surface CNC-routed with French Rococo patterns interjected with Ping-pong iconography filled with gold lacquer, supported by stately hand-lathed timber legs. Reinstating grandeur and pomp with neo-classical inspired embellishments, with a twist in material by using the hi-tech marble-like Corian® the PING-PONG dining table creates and remarkable conceptual and lifestyle statement in the true heart of the home, the dining area.


Illuminated Wall at ZENSES Pissarro Dining

January_ZENSES_Pissarro_Dining_Restaurant_in_Hong_Kong_by_Michael_Young (1)

Housed in the slick and contemporary confines of Wellington Street’s The Loop building, and created by lauded British-born, Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young, Zenses Pissarro Dining has style in spades. The corner stands out with the unique V-patterns on the Corian® wall. According to Michael Young, working with Corian® adds a new dimension to traditional [...]


Chivas Fireworks Design Bar


Creative fusion of Corian® and lights bring Chivas into the world of contemporary design lifestyle. The award-winning Hongkong-based British designer Michael Young is the creator of this colourful and glittering Chivas Fireworks Design Bar, the centrepiece of the Chivas Studio.


Corian®+100% Design SH


Hundreds of Local and Overseas Designers Swarmed to MY Corian® Party!


On the evening of November 5, Corian® Design Studio Shanghai (2/F of Hua Shan Square of 328 Hua Shan Road) was swarmed with designers and design enthusiasts. Hundreds of guests in this sensational MY Corian® Party were served with light refreshments, wild DJ music, exhilarating bartender performance, talented Ben McCarthy from Michael Young singing and playing his own songs, plus attractive lucky draw prizes. The presence of Michael Young pushed the atmosphere to the new peak. The guests grasped this golden opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas with Michael Young and other designers, and shared among themselves experience and design inspirations ignited by Corian®.


We invite you to MY Corian® Party


How do you define “100% Design”?
Want to truly understand the passion of a great designer?

This is your golden opportunity to mingle with Michael Young, the Creative Director of “100% Design Shanghai” @ MY Corian® Party.
With cocktail reception, lucky draw & performances, you simply cannot miss out this enjoyable MY Corian® Party!


Opening of Corian® Design Studio Shanghai


When science unites with innovation, it releases unlimited design inspirations. With extraordinary versatility and diverse color availability, DuPont™ Corian® solid surface is committed to empowering designers to reveal their unlimited inspiration to the fullest.


Corian® Design Studio Shanghai

DuPont™ Corian® Design Studio Shanghai is adept at bringing East and West cultures together. Drawn from the rich history of Chinese art and building techniques, plus interpreted them with state of the art computer-aided technology, have pushed the boundaries of modern surfaces and its applications to unlimited possibilities.


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